50 1-Year Ginseng Roots


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My one year Ginseng Roots are woods grown. Getting them off to the right start just as wild roots start. Transplant these roots in a natural woods to fend for themselves and produce your own wild roots. Or plant them in a woods in rows for excellent seed producers. Grow your own seed! My roots should come up in the spring as two prong, and produce just a few seed per plant. It is the third year and later that most seed production is produced in quantity. Every root purchased is examined to assure that all roots look great and healthy! I ship roots surrounded by pete moss for healthy safe arrival. I take extreme pride in what I sell. All orders include four pages of growing and planting instructions. If you are new at this, the best way to find out if Ginseng grows good in your location is to try it. If it grows, excellent $$$ can be made growing Ginseng.

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