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20 EXTRA LARGE 3-year Ginseng Roots

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20 EXTRA LARGE 3-year Ginseng Roots

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The 3 year roots that are being sold are much larger than a typical sized woods grown 3 year roots. These roots are perfect for someone who want to grow them for themselves to harvest. Or perfect for seed producing plants. These plants will produce a lot of berries to produce a lot of seed. But, keep in mind that if the idea is to sell a high quality root that resembles a wild root, these roots are already getting close to the same size as a typical old wild root or larger. Meaning if you plan on growing these for a number of years and cash them in as a wild root, a smart root buyer will know they are too large for a natural wild plant and will most likely pay "woods grown" price for the roots. Which is typically about half the price of wild. But that can vary greatly by quality of the root. The good part is the root will probably weigh at least twice the weight as a typical wild root and dollar wise, it comes out about the same. The photo shows an example of the roots being sold.