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40 "TINY" Two Year old Ginseng Roots (Maximum order 1 set left)

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40 "TINY" Two Year old Ginseng Roots (Maximum order 1 set left)

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READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASING AS THESE ARE TINY TWO YEAR ROOTS: My 2 year old roots are woods grown. All have been grown in a natural woods where wild Ginseng has been found. All I did was clear out some undergrowth, kill off the weeds, rake the mulch off. Lightly till the surface from 1" to 3" and rake in the seeds. And replaced the mulch. This will create a woods grown or wild similated plant. Which is a high quality root. The roots I am selling in this listing are very small for the average two year roots size! SOME OF THE ROOTS ARE SO TINY I HAVE SEEN MY LARGER ONE YEAR ROOTS THE SAME SIZE AS THE SMALLEST OF THE TWO YEAR ROOTS. I could not sell these as typical size two year roots and charge my usual price. Just because they have grown very slow for the first two years does not mean it is not a good root. In fact, it may qualify as the highest quality root for a two year old root. Because the roots show some character and slow growing roots is highly desirable. Remember, the typical wild plant struggles in the wild and grows very slow and that type of root is the most desirable root!