1LB Stratified Ginseng Seeds


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Stratified American Ginseng Seeds means they have been properly stored in sand boxes for one full year and will germinate the following spring. I float test my seeds in water to be sure they all sink and the husks are full. I have extremily high germination. All orders include two pages of growing and planting instructions.

Please Note: Due to 2012 drought, the average grower produced about half of the normal seed production. Stratified seed is extremely scarce. I had to raise the prices, but not a drastic change. The quality appears the same and repeat buyers will know the fact the seed has high germination. A warning to seed buyers who will shop for bargain priced seed. That several locations had such a severe drought, that the embryo did not develop properly. With a small embryo, the seed may not germinate. My seed had a fair amount of moisture and the embryo size is the same as in the past. It should once again have high germination.